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 But I say to you......
Do you know how many times Jesus spoke that phrase to those who were following Him? Neither did I until I did some researching. I don't have an exact count, however it was either stated clearly or implied in more than a dozen instances through the four gospels.

My mind can readily identify with the thought. I have over many years listened to countless sermons, Sunday School lessons, conference teachings, tapes and CDs. Many of them were excellent teachings and I gleaned so much knowledge and understanding from them. At the same time many of them were less than accurate Bible truth.

Today I find so much of what I learned during my informative years was at best shallow and at worst completely false.

This is what drives me to to put into words experiences I have gleaned through the years of searching, listening and practicing the Word of God to the best of my ability. I learned much about the phrase, "You have heard it said, but I say unto you........."!

I heard many sermons or lessons on many subjects, most of them dealing with issues that happen in everyday living. I found many of the sermons were empty when it came to employing them in my daily life. They sounded so spiritual at the time, but come the next morning or next week when the same issue would arise in my spirit I found myself alone and guilty because I could not put into practice what I just heard.

I heard it said, but Jesus was saying something different. Whom should I believe? At first I thought I must believe the "man of God" who was so much more spiritual than I. Then I begin to realize the only one who could really and definitely know what was in my spirit was the one who created me. No preacher could begin to know what was in my heart.

Then is when I begin to search scriptures, meditate in prayer and desperately seek the King of Glory for answers. The answers always came but often they were of the "But I say unto you"...... kind. At first this was a bit unsettling but as time goes on I find the Spirit of the Lord is a far greater teacher than those who go study at a seminary or school that only teaches one or two belief systems. God the Father and the Son Jesus is far deeper than any one teaching institution can even begin to explore. Institutions are limited, God is not! I will rely on Him to solve issues I have in living out my daily life.

About us

First of all let me tell you what we are not. We are not some kind of evangelist, preacher or teacher from a traditional institution with an agenda to accomplish.  We are ordinary people who know what it is to maintain a personal relationship with the Lord God through the Holy Spirit.

We are those who are tired of the old religious clichés. We do want to know the scriptures and the message they proclaim, Christ is King.  However, we are not satisfied with present day unfounded gospel as proclaimed by most religions whether traditional or new-founded so-called gospel churches. We will listen to anyone whose words our spirit recognizes. However we will not listen with any real sincerity to teachings that coerce, bully, intimidate or any other form of guilt ridden gobbledygook. We have lived long enough to know from personal experience most traditional churches or teachers/preachers have some sort of agenda they wish to impose on others. Some of these agendas are welcome and wholesome while others are as phony as a three-dollar bill. Those personal motives are usually objectives that give them either Position, Profit, Pleasure or all three.  

With that said we put forth comments on scripture that have come alive for us. This does not mean they are to be used as teachings. Rather they show how the scriptures spoke to us individually in certain situations and are intended to cause a person to think for themselves. The comments are based on actual life happenings. Sometimes we try to use a bit of humor to make a point, sometimes satire. It could be offensive; oh well!

The most exciting message I learned from the Word is; God is in control and He cares what happens to His creation. His desire is for us to be all we were created to be. He has gone to great lengths to show us that truth.

The Bible is a history of that very truth. It is the only thing in this world I know for certain which is solid and non-changing. It protected His creation in the beginning and it will protect His creation today. Our obligation in this is to trust our lives to Him and make sure we maintain a pure relationship with the Father.

Men may pervert Bible truths to promote their own agenda or manipulate others and they often do. However the true meaning of scripture will always give a person confidence in themselves. It is not necessary to depend on others for a spiritual life. If properly understood and applied, Bible truth will bring forgiveness of the past, confidence in the present, hope for the future as well as excitement in our daily living.

A final word about faith living. It is so important to maintain that personal spiritual relationship. Keep it strong and up-to-date. The most vulnerable person is that one who is unsure of their own relationship with Jesus yet wants to do what is holy and righteous. This is when an unscrupulous person will take advantage of you. However if you have that strong relationship with the Heavenly Father and the Son Jesus, no one is able to use the scripture to manipulate you into something the spirit within you strongly opposes. When your inner being sends out caution signals check it out for yourself before you give in or commit to someone else’s manipulating dogma